Donít worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.

1 Peter 3:14

Don't Let Worry Ruin You

Do you ever worry so much about something that your head begins to hurt or your neck can't turn because of an intensely sharp throbbing sensation?  Worrying can be painful and also contagious.  You might be perplexed about a problem in your life and if you aren't careful, soon it spreads to other worries and even overflows into the heart of another that you are close to.  Then you can become worried about how you may have affected someone dear to you.  And the web continues to spin, capturing the mind share of your existence.

Worry is an all consuming force that can overtake us without guard.  However, if we are aware of its gradual, life draining influence, then we can combat it.  Worry develops in the mind, the birthplace of our thoughts.  Like any seed planted, it will grow if it is watered.  If the seed is bad, full of negativity or evil, then it should be cut off in order to preserve that which is positive and good.  

It requires self-discipline to stop a thought that is foolish, faithless, unhealthy or harmful.  We must train our minds to not only eliminate these thought patterns, but also replace them with something constructive.  When we work to transform an unwanted habit, it is necessary that we have a solution - a new behavior to replace the old.  For example, if you have a serious decision to make that will impact your entire family's well being, you can either fret over what you should do or you can turn to God and ask for His wisdom and guidance.  There is comfort and liberation in prayer.  Along with this realization is the understanding of God's timing and not our own.  The bible is complete and useful for giving us direction in our lives as well.  It speaks the truth, teaching us what is right, safe, hopeful, loving and what not to do.   The choice is ours.  

By relying on God's strength, we stand firm on His promises of protection and life.  Conversely, if we isolate ourselves from the love and power of God, we eventually crumble from debilitating fear, doubt, and damaging thoughts that lead to regretful actions and outcomes.  Though, at any time, even if we have already proceeded down the path of ruin, we can turn back.  It is never too late as long as we are alive.  This is good news!  

Instead of sprouting a crown of silver upon your head, turn to God!  Not only for vanity's sake, but to spare you from greater consequences, like a heart attack.  Life will always have its challenges until we get to Heaven.  But life on earth can be overcome with God.  So start practicing now to be with God.  It will make your time here a lot better, without unnecessary distress or trouble.  Furthermore, it will also get you to Heaven, which is the ultimate goal anyway!

Click below to listen to spiritual healing music that depicts what you have read about in the article above.  The song's title is "Don't Worry".  Double click on the song title when the page comes up in order to hear a sample of the song.  Notice that each verse communicates a number of worries that can plague the mind from:  not knowing how to respond to someone, to being uncertain about what to do in a situation pending, or feeling frustrated with trying to pick out what clothes to wear, to becoming fearful of what other people might think about you.  And the list goes on.  The writer relates with us about how worry can devour the mind at the cost of our peace, and even sanity - "it will drive you crazy and make your heart sink!"  The chorus echoes, "don't worry" to help save the worrier from mental torment, but also to save himself - "don't worry me"!  Moreover, worry is a futile battle because it cannot change anything.  It's useless energy and sadly, wasted suffering.  

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