...for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. 

1 John 5:4


Spiritual Healing in the Desert

Sometimes life can throw you one blow after another where you can barely stand any longer from being knocked down so many times.  Amidst all of the turmoil, there also exists many good things that you can count if you remove your focus from the devastation.   Thus, it is undeniable that God has also blessed your life no matter how much you are struggling. 

Gratefulness is a godly characteristic, a source of relief from the crippling negativity and tempting depression in painful events.  It provides life-saving qualities once you allow yourself to come up for air and breathe in its soul soothing remedy.  So why is it so hard to count your blessings when you're drowning?  Where does one's faith go after enduring a tragedy, suffering a loss of some kind that feels life shattering, or surviving an unjust experience that will bear its memory for the rest of your life?  The bible tells us that longsuffering has the ability to produce character in a person, a faith so well refined that it is compared to a precious gold tested and shaped by the blazing heat of fire and then reformed.  

So is all this torment for the good of our souls, the refining of our faith and belief in a power greater than ourselves and our circumstances?  Like the Israelites who were finally freed by the guiding hand of Moses, lead out of slavery and into the desert in search of the promised land, we too must heed the call to freedom.  But along the journey we will be tested - blessed and tested just like them.  For just as the Israelites were blessed with manna from above for nourishment, they wearily waited for their promise land for forty years.  

Dry like the desert and scorched from the sun, we may fall down from an unbearable plight we seek to overcome.  And yet blessed from God above with our daily bread, we are still here.  A search for understanding and insight into the meaning of our despair can reveal our purpose - why we survived.  God is not done with us.  Moreover, He has given us choice.  How we proceed forward in spite of our past, in spite of any strongholds that threaten our freedom is paramount to our destiny and future.   

The desert, oddly enough, is our healing ground.  It is a time of discovery into our souls if we allow it.  If we choose wisdom, then divine inspiration grants an awakening that nudges us into the path we were born to live.  Our cries, sleepless nights, and restless days are finally subsided by a vision beyond our wounds.  Our soul's birthright will eclipse the fury of evil, so we can truly live.  For the Son of God, too, was tempted like us, and yet put His trust in the only One who could save Him.  Therefore, we shall do the same and find victory!

Click below to listen to spiritual healing music that depicts what you have read about in the article above.  The song's title is "What Am I Gonna Do?"  Double click on the song title when the page comes up in order to hear a sample of the song.  Notice in particular that the lyric in the verse reveals the emotional tug of war between gratefulness and the fight for faith in periods of doubt.  Comparing oneself to the Israelites, the writer conveys the challenge to defeat tempting thoughts of disbelief in God while (figuratively speaking) in the desert.  However, the chorus reminds us, "He died for me, He cries for me, He fights for me, what am I gonna do?"  Thus, there is a hope that rebuilds a wavering faith during times of trouble and weakness.  Furthermore concluding that one CAN reclaim a temporarily lost faith and restore it to a love for God that is filled complete with heart, soul, strength, and "so much more". 

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