Suggested Spiritual Healing Digital Downloads

The following Digital Downloads are highly recommended as excellent resources for further spiritual healing and recovery.

Suggested Spiritual Healing Digital Downloads

Click below to listen to spiritual healing music.  Double click on the song title when the page comes up in order to hear a sample of the song.

What Am I Gonna Do? on Apple iTunes.

Notice in particular that the lyric in the verse reveals the emotional tug of war between gratefulness and the fight for faith in periods of doubt.  Comparing oneself to the Israelites, the writer conveys the challenge to defeat tempting thoughts of disbelief in God while (figuratively speaking) in the desert.  However, the chorus reminds us, "He died for me, He cries for me, He fights for me, what am I gonna do?"  Thus, there is a hope that rebuilds a wavering faith during times of trouble and weakness.  Furthermore concluding that one CAN reclaim a temporarily lost faith and restore it to a love for God that is filled complete with heart, soul, strength, and "so much more". 

They Say God Is Listening on Apple iTunes.

Notice that the writer is vulnerable about stating that nothing seems to be working, neither mother, father, nor husband can truly take the suffering away.  But, she's heard God can!   She wants to turn to God, tries to turn to God, but something is still missing.  The last chorus shouts - "BELIEVE, God is listening", thereby impressing upon us that belief is as important as prayer itself, as well as the reading of His word.  God requires that we, too, be equally, wholly, faithfully present as He is, in order for a relationship with Him to work.  He is trustworthy and able to heal our wounded hearts and minds, but we must believe Him.  For that is when His power can begin to work.  

Don't Worry on Apple iTunes.

Notice that each verse communicates a number of worries that can plague the mind from:  not knowing how to respond to someone, to being uncertain about what to do in a situation pending, or feeling frustrated with trying to pick out what clothes to wear, to becoming fearful of what other people might think about you.  And the list goes on.  The writer relates with us about how worry can devour the mind at the cost of our peace, and even sanity - "it will drive you crazy and make your heart sink!"  The chorus echoes, "don't worry" to help save the worrier from mental torment, but also to save himself - "don't worry me"!  Moreover, worry is a futile battle because it cannot change anything.  It's useless energy and sadly, wasted suffering.  

What Can I Say? on Apple iTunes.

Notice that each lyric is fighting to defiantly transport the character to a position of strength under fire.  Assertiveness gives us the courage to confront our adversaries, as the second verse boldly claims, "confrontation has its price but it is plain to see the cost is worth it when you're standing up for what you believe!"  Fueled by conviction but worn from the storm, the writer vulnerably shares the inevitable fatigue that accompanies a stand for freedom, "What can I say about this time?".... and though tired, the character presses on to be heard.

Love Never Fails on Apple iTunes.

The writer reveals in verse one that pride obstructs relationships and even holds a person captive within their own heart.  However, freedom is found in forgiveness and only you can unlock yourself and choose what God desires!  Through the second half of the song we are reminded of how important faith is to help trust again.  Moreover, even the hardest heart can change with the power of God's love and a willingness to follow Him.  It really never fails!

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