But I call to God, and the LORD saves me.

Psalm 55:16

God, the Original Physician 

Have you ever considered how many people are on the verge of snapping?  It's no wonder that pharmaceutical companies are pushing their brand of drugs left, right, below, and above.  It seems that there is an anticipation for the human race to succumb to the pressures of life and collapse into the suggestive advertising of these various companies' products.  The medical community's protocol for prescription therapy (which is a multi-billion dollar industry, by the way) is becoming a temporary solution with eternal side effects.  

Too often, in this frantically paced world that we live in, instead of turning to God we turn to a drug.  Whether it is alcohol, marijuana, overeating, grandiose spending, prescription drugs or a combination of the few, what we really need is healing and recovery from an event that has deeply wounded us.  

As human beings, we have been built with free will, a conscience, and a connectivity between our mind, body, and spirit.  We can do whatever we want, though with every choice there is a direct consequence.  Our conscience is an inner compass revealing the good from the bad.  If we pursue down a path that is unsafe, even unintentionally, then a negative consequence unfolds.  However, our free will still exists and we can stop and turn around!  Sometimes we may have to work with all our strength to redirect our steps, but we are not alone if we turn to God for help.  

God expects us to fall from error and endure much in this life.  God also expects that He will come to our aid when we're in need, for He knows us like no other and is able to fix us if we let Him - for it is He who created us.  When we make the mistakes that we do or survive a painful experience, mental torture and even a weakened immunity system can sometimes result.  This is the time to go to the One who can save us!  Though the world may tell you differently, try God first, before running to your girlfriend's psychiatrist.  God is more powerful than any pill!  

Click below to listen to spiritual healing music that depicts what you have read about in the article above.  The song's title is "They Say God is Listening".  Double click on the song title when the page comes up in order to hear a sample of the song.  Notice that the writer is vulnerable about stating that nothing seems to be working, neither mother, father, nor husband can truly take the suffering away.  But, she's heard God can!   She wants to turn to God, tries to turn to God, but something is still missing.  The last chorus shouts - "BELIEVE, God is listening", thereby impressing upon us that belief is as important as prayer itself, as well as the reading of His word.  God requires that we, too, be equally, wholly, faithfully present as He is, in order for a relationship with Him to work.  He is trustworthy and able to heal our wounded hearts and minds, but we must believe Him.  For that is when His power can begin to work.  

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